company introduction

Hoang Son Pharmaceutical Company is a company operating in the field of pharmaceuticals and functional foods. Founded in 2017. The first core product is the 17-year-old traditional medicine-based gynecological suppository with 200 years of existence in the market. In addition, after 1 year, the second product continues to be Hoang Son, which helps women to replenish the endocrine estrogen deficiency, help smooth skin, stretch, dry, reduce hot flashes. In 2020, the company will continue to release the third product: 12Hmen Hoang Son, When women are full of vitality, healthy and free from gynecological diseases, the 3rd product helps men to tonify kidneys and enhance their vitality. , limit early menopause, supplement male hormone testosterone, solve the problem of weak physiology, numb legs and knees in men

Our vision is to become the leading Social Enterprise in developing initiatives FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH with knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced Counselors, contributing to the fight against gynecological diseases, reproductive health care for women .. We value "Full happiness" so that women can truly believe more and more love in life,

Thousands of couples have trusted it, tens of thousands of women have considered this as their own secret to regain confidence in protecting their health and happiness, join hands for the joy of happiness for Vietnamese women. .

Hoang Son Happiness always chooses integrity!